doctor and graduated from the Federal University of Goiás

MD Maria Antonieta Regal Dutra, daughter of Gilson Regal Pereira and Geralda de Angelis Regal Pereira, was born in the city of Ibiá, located in Minas Gerais, on March 21st, 1945. She got married on September 2nd, 1966, and had three children. She was undoubtedly a great mother, always standing by her children and dedicated to their education and upbringing, until all of them were able to follow their own paths.

After having raised her family and they were all independent, Dr. Maria Antonieta resumed her studies: she started her medicine course, and after a few years, she became a doctor and graduated from the Federal University of Goiás, being recognized as one of the best students in her class. In the medicine field, Dr. Maria Antonieta worked as an Occupational health and as doctor on duty. In 1994, Dr. Maria Antonieta was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, in late stages.

She fought the disease with all her strength, as was consistent with her personality, and had her doctor and friend, MD Ruffo de Freitas Júnior always by her side. After going through all the medical procedures for the cancer treatment, Dr. Maria Antonieta dedicated part of her time to work on APCAM (Breast Cancer Patient Association), focusing on helping all the women that were also undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Her goal was to improve quality of life, not only for the patient, but for their families as well.

Her work at APCAM helped Dr. Maria Antonieta fulfill her duties as a doctor, duties that she vowed to embrace since her graduation. However, at the beginning of the year 2000, Dr. Antonieta noticed that her cancer had returned, much more aggressively, and after one year of treatment, on February 22nd, 2001, she passed away due to metastatic breast cancer!

Dr. Maria Antonieta’s legacy, both as a doctor and as a person, is acknowledged today, through the “Maria Antonieta Regal Dutra” award, given by the Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium – BBCS, accredited as the biggest event on breast cancer research in Brazil. The award is granted to people who have spared no effort and dedication in controlling and treating breast cancer in Brazil and worldwide.