Dr. Carlos Inácio is an alumni of the department of Medicine of UFG, with specialization and medical residency in A.C. Camargo Hospital of the Antonio Prudente Foundation, São Paulo. He was granted the title of cancerologist by the Hospital A.C. Camargo and the title of mastologist by the Brazilian Society of Mastology. In addition, he has also received the Emeritus Professor title by the Brazilian Society of Cancerology and the Brazilian Society of Mastology. Finally, he is also a professor of Biophysics at ICB, Federal University of Goiás.

He has a degree in Hospital Administration from Faculdade São Camilo in São Paulo and is the founder of the regional branch of the Brazilian Society of Mastology in Goiás. Dr. Carlos Inácio is also the founder of the Institute for Teaching and Research of the Association for Fighting Cancer in Goiás, and the creator of the medical residency in oncology of the same institution, approved by MEC. He was granted the title of Emeritus Professor, chair 12, of the Medicine Academy of Goiás. He is also a Patron of the Brazilian Academy on Mastology – chair 12.

The Carlos Inácio de Paula award is given to the second-best paper presented during BBCS and the payment is made in cash to the author presenting the summary.